The Best cNFT Drops

We're helping you with your research on the best cNFT drops: when, where, and risk assessment

Our team analyzes all the cNFT projects we find and we only display the ones that we consider to be the best. We wanted to create a site that streamlined the process of finding those great drops; you know, the ones that get you excited about minting that new cNFT. Our hope is that this prevents you from having to dig through all of the small or unestablished projects on Twitter, Discord, and the internet in general. In short, we try to help you do your own research.

If you're curious about the smaller projects out there that didn't make our list, check out We take multiple factors into account when deciding how to rank a project and its drop. However, a poorly ranked drop doesn't mean the project is bad. We love the whole Cardano space. It simply means that is a project we will look into at a later date. Nonetheless, we hope our research can be useful to you.


This list and our rankings of the drops should not be taken as a ranking of how likely it is you will make a profit, nor should it be considered financial advice. This is just our subjective way we have been ranking drops. You should always do your own additional research before doing any of the drops listed here. This site is just one tool to help you in that process.

Our Ranking System

The rankings that we give the drops are subject to change if the data changes that we analyze. The main information that we analyze when ranking drops is:

1) Follower size to drop size ratio
2) Price of the drop
3) Price of the drop to [follower size to drop size ratio] ratio
4) Fairness of drop (evaluating how likely it is that the NFTs will be spread out to many people versus a drop where one person can get a ton of them easily)
5) Evaluation of tier system if it exists (such as evaluating if there are enough NFTs for the follower base to make it so that the majority do not give up on the drop quickly if they do not get an early tier)
6) Roadmap evaluation
7) Team communication
8) Rarity chart quality
9) Art quality

Best Drop

This project shows all the signs of being a great cNFT project and one we are going to do more research on.

Good Drop

This project is likely to be a winner. By our estimates, it's one to keep an eye on.

Questionable Drop

This project could go either way. Approach with some caution.

Risky Drop

This drop is risky, but it still made our list. That means it's still a project we are considering, just at a later time.


Curious About Other Drops?

Check out for other cNFT drops that did not make our list:


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